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Post Workout Nutrition To Build Muscle

Post Workout Nutrition To Build Muscle - If you use nutrition for muscle gain promptly after a workout, you are further along than your competition.

This time refers to the 3 hours after a strenuous workout. If you use nutrition for muscle gain during this period, you maximize your gains because your muscles are piqued and desperate to soak up nutrients at this phase.

If you get in there and avail yourself to the best nutrition for muscle gain by providing your body with whole food and supplements, you will maximize muscle gains and enhance your recovery time.

Let us look at what you must do to make this happen after a strenuous workout:

1) To halt muscle breakdown, it is crucial to get your body back to a point where it is in a muscle-building, anabolic state.

2) You must bring your glycogen and blood sugar levels back to normal.

3) It is also key to neutralize free radicals.

4) Give your muscles the correct nutrition for muscle gain, and they will grow and recuperate faster.

You can accomplish all of this by eating 2 specific "post-workout meals."

The first meal should be in liquid form. You must add nutrients as fast as possible after a workout because your body is in a state of nutrient deprivation. The quickest way to help your body recondition is through nutrients in this liquid form, as they are digested the fastest.

The post-workout liquid meal needs to have the following nutrition for muscle gain:

1) Protein (whey): 30 to 40 grams.
2) Creatine: Add 5 grams to your shake.
3) A simple sugar (like dextrose): 70 to 80 grams. (Dextrose is a great sugar to use)
4) Add an optional 5 to 10 grams of glutamine. (Optional)

Add water and drink this concoction within half an hour after your workout. It is recommended to take a high-potency multivitamin as well. This simple, easy to drink choice will do wonders in terms of speeding up the recuperating process and building muscles.

For your second post-workout meal, you should eat whole foods; this should be eaten within 45 minutes to an hour after you consume your shake. For the best nutrition for muscle gain you want to eat a meal made of high glycemic carbohydrates and protein to maximize your recovery potential.

High glycemic carbohydrates are broken down quickly in your bloodstream. Think about eating white rice, potatoes, or rice cakes. Your second post-workout meal can be picked from one of the following choices:.

1) Eat a can of tuna, 100 g rice cakes, and wash it down with a glass of grapefruit juice.
2) Consume a 6 oz steak, 1 potato, and a single serving of orange juice.

Since your famished body is trying desperately to create muscle tissue and reclaim glycogen levels, this meal will give you just the correct nutritional elements that it needs.

If you want to get the highest nutrition for muscle gain, you still have 2 hours remaining to maximize that 3-hour window. You must supply your body with top protein choices and high glycemic carbohydrates during this 3-hour window.

Do not hinder your outcome by underestimating the importance of nutrition for muscle gain during this crucial, 3-hour window. You will really confine your gains if you slack off on your carb-intake and protein during this timeframe.

Abide by these tips to maximize post-workout nutrition, and you will undergo noticeable strength and muscle gains.